South Africa Tourism Website

Website Development

South African Tourism Renovation

Project Focus
  • Custom Web App
  • Angular Web App,
  • UmbracoCMS
Date Completed
  • June 2019

South African Tourism had over 70 platforms delivering an inconsistent brand experience serving 12 in-country offices, global travellers, and the travel industry. With skyrocketing maintenance costs, it was clear that this model was no longer sustainable.

Our challenge, and in the end, success, was to consolidate this disconnected ecosystem into a single entry point - providing a unified brand experience. To do this, we needed to compete with the online ecommerce marketplace and go beyond the models offered by other online travel resources like Google, Trip Advisor and Expedia by finding our niche. Through extensive research, planning and interviews, we found that the most effective approach was to focus our role on inspiring and exciting potential travellers while equipping trade partners to sell South Africa.



We created a single portal delivering contextually relevant content and user experience working together for the consumer, travel trade partners and South African Tourism’s operations worldwide.


1 Unified brand Experience

1 User Friendly CMS

Platforms combined into one entry point
Traffic Received with 4% past content used
Projected reduction in Dev & Maintenance Costs

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